Our Artists

Some of Kwazinto Craft’s artists:

Lucia Makhanani Zitha

A mother of three boys. She became a single mother after her husband death in 2000 on Good Friday. With the income from the organization, she maintains her family.

Masithule Engelina Mongwe

A mother of five and handicapped from polio. Two of her children are in tertiary institutions, one doing Medicine at University of PTA and the other one starting Engineering. She lives on the government grant for invalidity and the earnings from the organization.

Meriam Matjokotja

Married with five children of whom only one is working and the others depend on her financially.

Margaret Balosang

Married with eight children, five of who are dependent on her.

Thokozile Jennet Nkwinka

A single mother of one adult son who is on a wheelchair-ridden due to an auto accident.

Margaret Motwsalo

Married with five children; all of them are of school age. She does private work in the evenings to add to the organization’s income.

Catherine Mokgomokgane

Married with four adult children who are not working. With the organization’s income, she supports her family.

Maria Raseasala

Married and a mother of four, Maria was unemployed for many years and spends her income on the education of her children.

Joyce Mathlavane

A mother of one son, supports her two nephews. Currently she is building a small house in her rural area of Lulekani, Paraborwa. She makes the bricks herself and oversees the construction.

Rifilwe Lucy Malatji

Married and a mother of six, Lucy uses her organization’s income to educate her children. The eldest finished Electrical Engineering last year.

Cynthia Sophy Mabilani

Married and a mother of four daughters, spends her income on paying for their education and insurances.