When Kwazinto Crafts started and why it started

Kwazinto Crafts was started about seven years go. The decision to launch it was driven by the observation that crafters had no basic organization to make the crafts and market them. Individual artists tried to do both, make the crafts and market their work themselves. They wound up doing both poorly.

Who’s involved

The management of Kwazinto Crafts consists of Rita Ntombi Msibi (CEO), Esther Githinji (Marketing and Sales)

How Kwazinto Crafts finds its arts and crafts

We actually drive all over the country to locate the artists. After a group has become part of Kwazinto Crafts team when its art is approved, it sends its crafts to us by courier or by bus for marketing as requested.

Our Mission and objectives

In addition to promoting, disseminating and preserving African art, our broader objective is to preoccupy otherwise unemployed artists in constructive work and steer them away from poverty, boredom and lifestyles of crime or dependency. To do this, artwork must be converted into cash in the pockets. Our mission is to offer a service that will provide international visitors with lasting impressions of their visit to our country. Kwazinto Crafts is often their encounter in our country and we therefore strive to ensure that they have happy memories of visit and shopping experience with Kwazinto Crafts.

How things have changed for Kwazinto Crafts over the years

Originally we used to do marketing without any system, we would go wherever there was a possibility of sales. In time, we came to learn that such unsystematic approach was not workable. We decided to focus primarily on international conferences held in South Africa. We came to learn that those international guests who have bought crafts from us in the past want to order more from home. Hence, the need for a website to help them with the shopping.

At first, we only marketed African handmade items for souvenirs. We realized that conference organizers had a need for handmade African-themed conference items: lanyards, conference bags and folders. The demand was to make alternative choices to Chinese mass produced items. Kwazinto Crafts was challenged, and accepted to fill this gap and in only three years, this has become a major sector for us.